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Meet the Amplicon Team

Meet the Amplicon team Amplicon

Amplicon employs a well-skilled and diverse team allowing it to excel in all disciplines including sales, finance, production and marketing. if you would like to join our fun, hard-working team, visit our careers section.


Meet the Amplicon Sales Team

  • Richard Munson Sales Manager

    Richard Munson started his career in the finance industry, moving into Web based technologies and software from 1997. With his confidence growing he took on a network sales engineer role in 2001

    Richard applied for the role of sales engineer at Amplicon and joined the team in October 2003, being promoted to the Senior Sales Engineer role and then on to Sales Manager. He now reports to the board and manages the Industrial Computing, Data Communications and Measurement & Control groups.

    Main job roles:

    • Manage sales of the company’s products and services within the UK
    • Ensure consistent, profitable growth in sales revenues, deployment and management of sales personnel
    • Identify objectives, strategies and action plans to improve short- and long-term sales and earnings
    • Maintain high standards of on-going training for the team and grow level of technical knowledge to present information on the company’s products
  • Darren Saxby Sales Manager

    Darren Saxby is the Amplicon Sales Manager with responsibility for the Engineering Services team. He has over 17 years experience in the Electronics/IT industry. After leaving college with a 'Business Information & Technology' qualification he took his first job working as a Sales Engineer at a local electronics company.

    He joined Amplicon in 2000 to promote and sell the 'Industrial IT & Instrumentation' portfolio. He was promoted to Senior Sales Engineer in 2004 and Sales Manager in 2007.

    2 years later, Darren accepted the responsibility of the International team; in addition to already managing the Measurement & Control group and Test Services division.

    Main job roles:

    • Manage the International and Engineering Services sales teams
    • Develop the business to meet the companies long term goals
    • Sell the Amplicon product and services portfolio
    • Manage Amplicon key accounts
  • Niraj Haria Data Communications Sales Engineer

    Niraj Haria graduated from Brighton University with a 2:1 honours degree in Electronic and Computer Engineering. Joining Amplicon straight from University, he started his career as a Junior Sales Engineer and has developed to become one of our most senior Sales Engineers specialising in Data Communications products and technologies.

    Niraj offers his customers a vast experience and knowledge of designing networks and the checking of network diagrams, specifying and consulting on cellular solutions; and his knowledge of industrial Ethernet solutions and the more traditional RS232, 422 & 485 is extensive.

    In 2010 he took on the role of Peer-to-Peer Coach to the younger sales engineers who greatly benefit from his years of experience in technical sales. Niraj also won an award for his outstanding sales performance in 2009 when he also became a member of a very select team of million pound sales engineers, a team he has continued to be a part of since.

    Main job roles:

    • To sell Amplicon products by building strong relationships within the existing customer base and by identifying new opportunities.
    • To work as part of the business team with Product Management, Purchasing and Technical Support personnel, to ensure a full sales, support and service offering is provided to Amplicon customers
    • To ensure that team and individual sales targets and objectives are achieved and exceeded
    • Data communications product and sales training
    • Contribution to the marketing plan for the data communications group
    • Support UK sales manager in providing monthly and annual Company KPI's
  • Claire Knight Data Communications Sales Engineer

    Claire Knight joined the Data Communications department in November 2012 and in just the next financial year won an award for her outstanding sales performance. She has previously worked in a technical environment and has a strong background in building business relationships with clients who trust in her advice and knowledge.

    The Amplicon team are delighted to have Claire on board, she is an excellent team player and brings a hard working and happy disposition to the team!

    Main job roles:

    • Sell Amplicon products by building strong relationships within the existing customer base and by identifying new opportunities
    • Work as part of the business team with Product Specialists, Technical Support and Purchasing, to ensure a full sales, support and service offering is provided to customers
    • Ensure that team and individual sales targets and objectives are achieved and exceeded
    • Accept and process all incoming enquiries, formulate solutions, quotations and responses within customer-defined time scales with timely follow up bringing them to a positive conclusion
    • Manage customer complaints and objections in conjunction with the service and support teams
  • Neil Stanyard Industrial Computing Sales Engineer

    Neil Stanyard joined the expanding Amplicon Engineering Services team in November 2012.

    Neil has an HNC in Manufacturing & Production Engineering and has many years of experience in the world of sub contract engineering. He has a wide ranging knowledge of UK manufacturing within various industries which gives him an additional strength to the existing team.

    Main job roles:

    • Prospecting new opportunities, developing the existing customer base and searching out new opportunities
    • Selling wider scope of service for existing customers with enhanced product range and Engineering Services
    • Evaluation of enquiries matching specification requirements, working with clients on bids proposals and quotations
  • Ihab Al Khaldi Sales Engineer - Measurement & Control

    Ihab Alkhaldi joined Team Amplicon in October 2018 as Graduate Measurement & Control Sales Engineer.

    Ihab studied BEng (Hons) Mechatronics Engineering in Malaysia and MSc Mechanical Engineering in the University of Portsmouth where he graduated with Distinction in 2018.

    In his spare time he enjoys playing basketball, tennis and a good game of chess.

    Main job roles:

    • Design technical solutions to existing and prospecting customers using Amplicon’s wide range of Measurement & Control products and platforms.
    • Working with the engineering team to provide full sales and post sales customer support.
    • Working with the product development team to help build user defined systems with the required functionality.

Meet the Amplicon Engineering Team

  • Adam Jones Service & Configuration Technician

    Adam Jones joined Amplicon as a Service & Configuration Technician in December 2011. Having previously worked for several multi-national computing companies, Adam is a very skilled technician with a broad experience in multiple aspects of computing including hardware repairs and PC assembly.

    Main job roles:

    • Checking the hardware and software picked against configuration works orders
    • Assembly of computer components in accordance with Amplicon's established build procedures
    • Ensuring all engineering notes and build photography of the finished computer are done and maintained for future builds
    • PAT testing and hardware testing using PC Check
    • Preparing quality assurance certificates for finished machines
    • Installation of RAID and/or operating systems as required
  • Noel Bateman Service & Configuration Technician

    Noel Bateman joined Amplicon as a Service and Configuration Technician in June 2011.

    Noel has previously worked for several local computing companies; and has built up excellent technical skills and experience in PC assembly, one of his main tasks now at Amplicon.

    Noel works alongside the other members of the Configuration team.

    Main job roles:

    • Checking the hardware and software picked against configuration works orders
    • Assembly of computer components in accordance with Amplicon's established build procedures
    • Ensuring all engineering notes and build photography of the finished computer are done and maintained for future builds
    • PAT testing and hardware testing using PC Check
    • Preparing quality assurance certificates for finished machines
    • Installation of RAID and/or operating systems as required
  • Simon Shoobridge Logistic Specialist

    Simon Shoobridge is the Amplicon Logistics Specialist. He joined the Amplicon Team in November 2004 as an assistant to the Warehouse. He holds a level 3 NVQ in Distribution and Warehousing certificate. Within 6 months of joining Amplicon he accepted full responsibility for the Warehouse

    Simon is always supportive of Team Amplicon and this combined with his hard work ethic led to him being awarded the much coveted 'Best Supporting Role Award' in 2010.

    Main job roles:

    • Goods in - checking incoming stock arriving at Amplicon
    • Despatch - despatching products worldwide
    • Fire drills - ensure drills are done at regular intervals and the maintenance of fire equipment is kept up to date
    • Risk assessments - conduct some risk assessments for the business
    • Assist in maintenance of the building
  • Cameron Munson Mechanical Engineer Apprentice

    Cameron Munson joined team Amplicon as their Mechanical Engineering Apprentice in October 2016 after leaving school with good grade GCSEs. Besides attending college he will be learning from the skilled Amplicon engineering team about how mechanical engineering works in practice.

    Cameron is working towards gaining an NVQ qualification. He likes working at Amplicon because there are opportunities to grow and progress his career; additionally, it allows him to grow as a person and every day is different!

    Main job roles:

    • Programme, set and operate computer controlled machinery
    • Produce high precision complex components
    • Machining different types of materials
    • Setting and checking cutting tools
    • Measurement of components
    • Reading engineering drawings
    • Working safely in an engineering environment, maintaining good housekeeping
    • Maintain to the highest level, workmanship standards and product quality
  • Kevin Hall Manfacturing/Production Leading Hand

    Kevin Hall joined the Amplicon team in May 2017 to take on the role of Manufacturing and Production Leading Hand in the expanding engineering services department.

    Kevin has more than 25 years of industrial experience, previously working for Allenwest as a service and fitting engineer. He is excited to bring his skills and knowledge to Amplicon and hopes to provide a much needed helping hand to the production line.

    When he is not working hard at Amplicon he can be found researching and reading history, a favourite topic!

    Main job roles:

    • Product manufacturing and configuration
    • Machinery work
    • Cabinet Building and Fitting.
    • Mill-work, waterjet and metal grind-master.
  • Jurijs Motorins Configuration Technitian

    Jurijs Motorins joined Amplicon as a Service & Configuration Technician in October 2016. Jurijs previously worked for several multi-national computing companies since and is a highly skilled technician with a broad experience in multiple aspects of computing, including PC assembly, PCB inspection and repair.

    Jurijs has good experience in IT hardware diagnostics and repairs and also in different types of manual soldering such as lead free SMT and GPU soldering. Some of his hobbies include PC overclocking, repairing, car maintenance and learning of new mechanisms!

    Main job roles:

    • Checking the hardware and software picked against configuration works orders
    • Assembly of computer components in accordance with Amplicon's established build procedures
    • Ensuring all engineering notes and build photography of the finished computer are done and maintained for future builds
    • PAT testing and hardware testing using PC Check
    • Preparing quality assurance certificates for finished machines
    • Installation of RAID and/or operating systems as required
  • Bradley Coleman Engineering Services Applications Engineer

    Bradley Coleman joined Amplicon in July 2018 as our Engineering Services Applications Engineer. Throughout his career, Bradley has developed an extensive knowledge of the embedded technology sector, specialising in hardware configuration and cabinet builds.

    In his spare time, Bradley enjoys hiking, canoeing, running and dabbling in the art of photography.

    Bradley will be overseeing the design, integration and delivery of bespoke solutions for Amplicon Engineering Services, utilising his supervisory experience

    Main job roles:

    • Coordinating and managing project opportunities.
    • Providing the AES team and Amplicon customers with technical and practical advice relating to specifications and applications.
    • Analysing customer designs for compatibility with Amplicon product guidelines and assisting customers to identify the best solution.
  • Nick Gill Chief Electrical Engineer

    Nick Gill joined Amplicon as Chief Electrical Engineer in January 2019. He has been in the Electrical Hardware Engineering business for over 40 years. In his career, he has covered many aspects of engineering from research and development to design, prototyping, quality control and testing. He has also worked in a variety of industries including commercial and military aircraft simulation, industrial control and automotive.

    Nick will be working principally in our Engineering Services Group, where he will provide customers and the sales team with electrical engineering design and support.

    Main job roles:

    • Engineering Solutions, Technical Sales and Specification
    • Product Legislative Conformance
    • EMC Testing Services
    • After Sales Support Management
    • Product Returns Management
    • Identifying engineering/build problems and ensure solutions are implemented
    • Contribute to the product development team by providing guidance and technical advice
  • James Hughes Product Design Intern

    James Hughes joined Team Amplicon in August 2019 as our Product Design Intern. James previously studied Engineering at Northampton College and is currently studying Design Engineering at Bournemouth University, where he is set to graduate in 2021.

    In his spare time, James enjoys going to the cinema and playing campus league football.

    This year James is hoping to develop his communication skills within the workplace, as well as improving his CAD skills and broaden his knowledge of the engineering industry.

    Main job roles:

    • Produce 2D engineering drawings as required by the engineering department
    • Create and Produce 3D CAD Models of new product designs
    • Creating Bespoke Solutions
    • Meeting client specifications and worldwide standards

Meet the Amplicon Product Development, Support & Compliance Team

  • Andrew Pook Product Specialist - Measurement & Control

    Andrew Pook has worked in the electronics industry for over 14 years, starting his career at an industrial weighing company where he gained an ONC in Electrical/Electronic engineering. He then moved to West Instruments where he continued his studies and gained an HNC in Electrical/Electronic engineering.

    Andrew joined Amplicon at the start of 2011; his role is to provide technical, application, product support for customers and the internal sales team.

    Main job roles:

    • Supplier management
    • Introduce products
    • Manage product lifecycle
    • Pre-sales application support
    • Product and technical training
  • Luke Rushton Application & Support Engineer

    Luke Rushton has worked as a hardware and systems engineer for over 16 years, starting his career at Heathrow with British Airways as a contractor and then going on to join an IT company which supported both hardware and software for the airline. This included the setup of new systems and hardware for the opening of Terminal 5.

    Luke joined the Amplicon Engineering team in September 2011. He works closely with the Chief Engineer, Mark Davies, in our technical/product support department

    A major part of Luke's role is providing initial support for customer enquiries, which includes the on-line chat support by troubleshooting all technical queries. Luke also supports the internal sales team with training and technical advice, and carries out the final inspection of Industrial PC builds.

    Main job roles:

    • Inspect goods and issue Certificates of Conformance
    • Provide initial support for customer enquiries. Including on-line chat support
    • Troubleshooting all technical aspects, including client support
    • Provide support with the introduction of new products including product evaluation and training sessions
    • Provide 1st line support to the sales team
  • Joe Davies Product Specialist - Industrial Computing

    Joe Davies joined the Industrial Computing team as a Trainee Sales Engineer in November 2015. He studied Engineering at Aberdeen University graduating with a BSc Eng before working at Subsea Engineering. Joe has previously worked in a technical and customer service environment and has a strong background in building business relationships with customers.

    Main job roles:

    • Supplier management
    • Introduce products
    • Manage product lifecycle
    • Pre-sales application support
    • Product and technical training
    • Hardware and Software design
  • Sarim Shehzad Data Communications Product Specialist

    Sarim Shehzad joined Team Amplicon in November 2018, taking on the role of Data Communications Product Specialist.

    After graduating with a BSc (Hons) in Electrical Engineering, Sarim moved to the UK to study for a Masters degree in Computer Network Administration & Management at Portsmouth University.

    Sarim specialises in Computer Network Systems, Cellular Network Systems, Product design, Microcontroller based system designs, Routers, Switches & Network Management Systems.

    Throughout his journey at Amplicon, Sarim will be working closely alongside the sales and engineering team, and looks forward to developing his skills further and progressing his career.

    In his spare time, Sarim enjoys exercising at the gym and traveling with his friends.

    Main job roles include:

    • Introduce and specify products
    • Product and technical training
    • Pre-sales application support
    • Creation of technical marketing content
    • Supplier Management
    • Manage product lifecycle
  • Teodora Harabala Quality Manager

    Teodora Harabala joined Amplicon in April 2019 as the Quality Manager.

    After graduating with a BEng in Environmental Protection Engineering, she started her career as a process engineer working for an international company, with a focus on the Quality & Compliance of products.

    Teodora has a passion for continuous improvement combined with a professional and positive attitude; this will fit her well as she begins her career at Team Amplicon.

    In her spare time, Teodora enjoys shopping (as a sport), riding, singing and meeting with friends.

    Main responsibilities

    • Design, maintain, improve, update, review and audit the QMS, environmental and safety systems, works committee in accordance with the current ISO 9001 accreditation
    • Planning and scheduling internal audits, carrying out and documenting results, verifying that any corrective actions are carried out within the agreed timescales and the results are effective
    • Interpret client requirements, identifying engineering/ build problems and ensure solutions are implemented
    • Assist Sales and Configuration to ensure customer expectations are met with regards to the quality and accuracy of PC and AES builds
    • Fully support improvement in the effectiveness and efficiency of processes by adhering to and promoting the principles of Lean

Meet the Amplicon Administrative Support Team

  • Roger Wood Engineering Admin Specialist

    Roger Wood, technical administrator, joined Amplicon in November 1993 as an Admin Assistant to the Purchasing/Accounts and Administration Department. Before this he had worked in a company organising exhibitions and conferences as an admin assistant.

    Roger then moved to work in purchasing for 10 years and now works in the IT Department helping the Chief Operating Officer maintain the internal computer network. He is also responsible for training new staff members on the IT systems and software, assisting the Product Specialists with new product raising and responsible for maintaining and updating the Drawing Office.

    Main job roles:

    • Ensure the smooth running of the IT system
    • Maintain the Amplicon Drawing Office
    • Assist the Product Specialist in raising new Products
  • Jackie Hoey Accounting Technician

    Jackie Hoey joined the Amplicon team in September 2010 as an Accounting Technician. She has many years of credit control and financial experience and has brought a wealth of knowledge to the Accounts team.

    Jackie works in a supporting role to Amplicon's Finance Director, Mark Bushby, to ensure that management accounts are produced and presented in a timely manner.

    Main job roles:

    • Full responsibility for the credit control of all customer accounts, liaising with debt collection agencies when appropriate
    • Dealing with customer account queries
    • Processing customer payments
    • Bank reconciliation
    • Monthly reports to HMRC
    • Monthly journals
    • Statement runs
    • Sales ledger administration
    • Applying and monitoring customer credit accounts
  • Mandi Dennis Accounting Technician

    Mandi Dennis joined Amplicon in October 2015 as an Accounting Technician. She has over 19 years experience in Accounting with over 15 years working on purchase ledger, she is also qualified to AAT level 4. Mandi has worked in a variety of sectors including retail, motor trade and for housing associations.

    Main job roles:

    • Responsible for supplier accounts
    • Dealing with supplier account queries
    • Processing supplier payments
    • Bank reconciliation
    • Purchase ledger administration
  • Michelle Northrop Senior Admin Specialist

    Michelle Northrop joined Amplicon in January 2019 as the Senior Admin Specialist.

    Michelle has over 25 years of administration and office management skills, gained in multiple industries, including Publishing, Food and Engineering.

    Her most recent role was as a Sales Operational Manager at a publishing company based in Burgess Hill. The company went into voluntary liquidation so Michelle decided to take some well-earned time out to spend some quality time with her daughter and her dog Riley.

    After a few months, she decided to look for a new challenge and put her extensive admin skills to good use as the Senior admin role at Amplicon.

    Main job roles:

    • General administrative duties such as processing customer orders, proforma chasing, maintaining phone figures and weekly reporting.
    • Responsible for handling incoming calls, managing postage, maintenance of employee records and bookings.
    • Provide support to the Directors, Product Specialists and Sales Managers with administration services as needed.
    • Assist customers with general enquiries in a friendly and approachable manner to provide a positive and helpful service.

Meet the Amplicon Marketing Team

  • Miriam Bernal Marketing Manager

    Miriam Bernal joined Amplicon in September 2005, as a marketing intern, and since then she has worked her way up the ranks to become the Amplicon Marketing Manager. Miriam holds a BA (Hons) degree in Business Management with Marketing as well as the internationally recognised CIM Diploma in Digital Marketing and various Google certificates.

    Miriam looks after the busy marketing team and is in charge of managing the company marketing activities and defining the marketing strategy.

    Miriam moved from Spain to the UK to develop a career in marketing and found in Amplicon the opportunity to achieve her goals, working for a leading electronics and engineering company.

    Main job roles:

    • Manage the marketing team
    • Advise the business on all aspects of marketing
    • Manage the marketing plan and budget
    • Manage the launch of new products/services
    • Responsible for all marketing activities including digital marketing, PR and Trade shows
  • Laura Perez Graphic Designer

    Laura Perez is the Amplicon Graphic Designer, joining the team in March 2016. She started working as a Graphic Designer in a publishing company after finishing her BA in Graphic Design. She also has a Masters degree in Web Design and a further Masters in Creative Advertising. She attained the MBA’s whilst working in the same publishing company where she developed her skills and her passion for design.

    Laura came to the UK to follow her dream of learning and developing a career in digital design. After finishing an apprenticeship as a Digital Designer in a Lewes based creative agency and working for a leading Social Media Monitoring company, she finally found the opportunity to work full time in the graphic design industry, at Amplicon.

    Main job roles:

    Laura is the sole Graphic Designer at Amplicon and works as a part of the Marketing team. Her main jobs are to create and control:

    • The company brand and identity
    • The design of the website and intranet
    • All company catalogues, brochures and literature
    • All marketing and advertising material
    • Administering product photography and image manipulation for all media formats
    • Co-ordinate and participate if necessary in promotional activities and trade shows
  • Emma Tran Marketing Assistant intern

    Emma Tran joined Team Amplicon in August 2019 as our Marketing Intern. Emma is currently studying BSc Marketing at Bournemouth University and is set to graduate in 2021.

    Throughout the placement year, Emma is enthusiastic to develop her knowledge of marketing and gain a better understanding of how the marketing industry operates within an industrial environment. Emma hopes to go into international marketing so is eager to assist with the launch of new products and campaigns, and to be involved with all areas of the Amplicon marketing strategies.

    In her spare time, she enjoys cooking traditional Vietnamese foods with her mother, socialising with friends and sight-seeing.

    Main job roles:

    • Assisting with the launch of new products
    • Administer agreed monthly campaigns
    • Assist with the management of Google AdWords campaigns
    • Market research and analysis
    • Monthly marketing reports
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