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KVM switches and extenders .

Amplicon offers a wide range AV extenders, KVM extenders and KVM over IP products.

In general terms, a KVM extension product gives users the ability to control, remotely, single or multiple computers (keyboard, video or mouse) from a single connection. A KVM over IP product enables this function over a network.

These products provide cost effective solutions that eliminate the need for extra fibre optic cabling and new computer system installations where additional displays are required. Products in this range can provide a solution for applications requiring distance coverage of up to 300m between transmitters and receivers, and video resolutions of up to 1920 x 1200 @ 60Hz.

Typical applications include passenger information, path finder and public information or advertisement displays.

KVM switches and extenders    
AV100 series Extends high-resolution video and high fidelity audio up to 300m 
XD150 series DVI video extender with transparent USB2.0 over a single CATx cable  
Adderlink Infinity Dual series Adderlink Pure digital media extension over IP. Full DVI, Digital Audio, USB True Emulation, Network Multicast & Device Switching 
Adder C-USB-LAN series Adder Matrix and IP Addressable USB extender over LAN 
Adderview XDIP series Adderview Digital KVM in a small form factor and fanless. HDMI, USB and Audio Extender, Switch or Matrix topology 
Adder ALIF100-T series Adder IP-based, KVM extender/matrix transmitter for DVI, audio and USB 
AdderView DDX series Adderview Fanless, small form factor, DVI, USB and audio digital KVM extender 
AV200 series Extends high-resolution video, high fidelity audio and RS232 up to 300m 
ADDERView Secure series ADDERview Ultimate Security - Hardwired Black and Red isolated secure KVM 
X50 series Transparent low/full speed USB 2.0, VGA video and audio extender over CATx cable up to 50m 
X-DVIPro series Single link DVI and transparent USB over a single CATx cable 
X-USBPro series Transparent USB, Audio and VGA extension up to 300m 
X100 series Fully featured, keyboard, video, mouse & optional audio extender for PS/2 and USB computers up to 100m 
X200 series Fully featured USB keyboard, video and mouse extender with digital stereo audio support for two computers 
Catx1000 series High density fully featured USB, and Video contol for local and remote users 
CatxIP1000 series High density fully featured USB, Video, and Audio control. KVM Over IP Switches provide 8 or 16 computer  
Analogue iPEPs series The ADDERLink iPEPs delivers a complete, secure, non-blocking approach to Remote Server management 
Digital iPEPs series The ADDERLink iPEPs delivers a complete, secure, non-blocking approach to Remote Server management 

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